Heroes Volume 3 - Exclusive Sneak Peek Video!

At Jules Vern Film Festival they showed up a quick preview video of Heroes Volume 3 that is set to air this spring!

Sylar gets his powers back, new villains and more - check it out right here, right now!

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Anonymous said...

ok em in season three i hv an idea who it was who shot nathan well 2 ideas but more strongly on 1 ryt numba peter i no it sounds warped but when it changes view after nathan gets shot someone is walkin away an judging by the hair it looks like peter ok it sounds strange but he can time travel remember number 2 noah because he rejoined the company so it could be him

Anonymous said...

ok thats numa 1 not just numa sori

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Heroes Forum said...

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caro said...

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Anonymous said...

I pretty much doubt peter would kill his own brother after everything that has happened.... and did you not hear his mother on the phone "you've opened Pandora's box" (referring to peters many abilities)as they have made him angry, whoever did kill him has links to his mother past.

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